Utilizing social media to help grow my business had been confusing as well as overwhelming. This resulted in not being able to benefit from what is evidently a very powerful and much needed tool in today’s world of doing business. In the very short time working with you, your expertise, patience and wonderful attitude have made it a pleasure for me to have a presence in the social media marketplace. I believe more business owners need to know about the tremendous value that your services provide as it is certainly an investment rather than an expense. Thank you for doing what you do. I look forward to continuing working together as I expand in this marketplace.

Joe Pipitone
Owner, The Healthy Italian

Sandra is a Social Media expert and a professional who is very easy to work with. She helped me create a social media strategy which is helping to grow my business. The “SOAR with Resilience!” Face Book group has grown to 136 members in a few days and I am now able to invite them to my upcoming tele-classes, workshops and seminars. I am happy to say I have an ongoing contract with Sandra to manage my various social media accounts.

Eileen Lichtenstein
CEO Balance & Power, Inc http://www.balanceandpower.com/

We are happy with our ongoing relationship with SM Business Solutions LLC. Their team has worked with us to carry out rigorous cost benefit analysis on our new products to ensure the value we plan to create justify the proposed investment.

Kaya Mathews
Founder, Kaya Retreats Inc

SM Business Solutions LLC helped us prepare our business plan that was a key tool for raising funds fron angel investors. Their consultants are passionate about what they do and dedicated to the success of their clients. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Oliver Jones
President , Everwild Foundation

We are extremely satisfied with the expertise of SM Business Solutions LLC’s team. We were able to increase our visibility in the local market, increase our market share by over 50% and our sales jumped to over 100% within 6 months.

Donovan McCarty
President, Male Ego


About the Author

Founder of SM Business Solutions LLC, offering inbound marketing services that are both innovative and tailored to my clients needs. I use inbound marketing media such as blogging, emails and social media to help independent professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs successfully engage their target markets and increase their revenues. I am passionate about making sure my clients are satisfied and their companies experience tangible gains. A graduate of Martin J Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, University of the West Indies and of the Royal Institute of Marketing, London. Some of my clients are; Retro Lounge & Grill, The Cybernet Place, Optic Masters, Balance & Power Inc, Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup Group, Best Buyer's Brokers and Male Ego Ltd.