Comedians Insights on Audience Engagement

Rachel Feinstein captivated the audience with her unique style

The Audience Conference moderated by Loren Feldman, an outstanding showman himself, showcased comedians in an attempt to help bloggers learn how to engage their audience.  Noted comedians like Harrison Greenbaun, Morgan Murphy, Carmen Lynch, Heather Gold, Dan Allen and Rachel Feinstein captivated my attention and made me laugh until I had stitches. These professionals showed how by simply demonstrating their craft.

Who better to learn from but from those who face the immediate reactions of  laughter, heckling or just polite applause from their audience, every time they deliver their work. Comedians who are good at what they do work very hard at their trade. They spend long hours writing and  perfecting their material before hitting that stage, because they know that the first few minutes on that stage can make or break them. They know their material must be tip top or they could be booed off the stage.

Harrrison Greenbaum stunned & delighted the audience with his 'bag of tricks'

The powers of engagement that the comedian has is the same that you need to move your readers when you write your blog post.

Here are a few of my takeaways:

1. Write with passion: Share the essence of who you are to captivate others. People come for who you are, more than you realize.

2. Check your ego at the door — or throw it in the trash bin — if you want to succeed.

3.  Always seek to improve your writing through feedback from your audience, peers and through honest self-evaluation.

The bottom line is you can never rest on your laurels – you always have to be focusing on how to “tighten” your message and make it better.  Always evolving and always adapting by listening to and analyzing your audience/readers responses.