Top 6 Social Media Resolutions for 2012

That's the question! Lose weight or buy a basket?

A new year signifies a new beginning and an opportunity to do better.

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, be it to work harder, to make more money, to give more to relationships, to lose weight and generally to be a better person.

So what will you do differently and better in social media in 2012? Will you listen before engaging or will you focus on just a few key networks? Having reflected on my 2011 efforts and saw where I could improve, I made some Social Media Resolutions that will solidify my position as an expert in Inbound Marketing.
  1. To make social media  an integral part of my overall communication strategy – social media is but one of the many ways to communicate.  Sometimes face to face networking event is more effective than a Facebook message or a direct message on Twitter.
  2. To listen more – Jumping in without understanding the conversation can make one look foolish and incompetent.
  3. To be more relevant – Share more information that will be more beneficial to my online community. Use of demographics to figure out what my network want to know.
  4. To be more engaging and responsive -Reading about what others do is great, however, taking the time to respond to something will benefit the writer and the community at large. Conversation connect people and enhance experiences.
  5. To sell less.
  6. To evaluate my efforts – Which social networks should I be really on?  Use Google Analytics and links to track my efforts.
  7. To blog at least once per week on topics my clients, readers and critics want to read about.

So, there you have it, my top social media resolutions for 2012.  Have you made any? Feel free to share them with us.

Also, we welcome questions on any aspect of Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or online branding.


10 Habits To Build Online Reputation through Social Media


Blogging - one of the best ways to build your online reputation

Social media and technology have made it easier to build your personal and professional online reputation. Becoming recognized by your clients and prospective clients as an expert and thought leader in your field is essential to building a strong online reputation. Since content is King, the creation of material and information to establish you as an expert is super important.

The generation of large amounts of content through social media channels like blogs, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the most effective ways to build your online reputation. It is important to remember, however, that your reputation will not be built up overnight. It takes time and the consistent involvement of other people. Here are 10 habits that I find very effective in building my online reputation. Do feel free to add your habits, tips and ideas in the comment box.

1. Deliver your best: Aim to deliver your utmost value every time you write. Never write for the sake of writing or post for the sake of updating. Make sure every word counts.

2. Be focused: Identify your niche and concentrate your social media efforts on discussions and content that is related to your area of expertise.

3. Pay attention: Make sure to pay close attention to discussions that are related to your business. You will learn a great deal from what you read and from what you participate in. One of the main keys to social media success is listening.

4. Be Honest: A solid reputation online is based on honesty. It is absolutely imperative that you demonstrate transparency at all times.

5. Be genuine: Your content should reflect who you are as a human being so share example from your life experience. If you write in an indifferent manner people will not be able to associate with what you are offering or connect with you as a person. People need to relate to you on a human level.

6. Avoid self-promotion: If your content is full of the hard sell, nobody will have an interest in reading what you have to say. If your content is valuable, solves your readers’ problems; if you are unobtrusive and respectful, people will be interested in getting involved in your offerings.

7. Respond in a timely fashion: A very large part of building your online reputation successfully is your interactions with other people. Responds to comment and questions in a timely fashion.

8. Share other people’s content: Be willing to share what other people write. Remember one hand washes the other.

9. Don’t be controlling: It is important for you to be able to relinquish some of control so that your content, discussions, etc, can be syndicated across the Internet. Your reputation will grow faster if you allow other people to share what you write.

10. Get as involved as possible: Remember that you should not be spending all of your time on one social media channel. The more involved you get with social media communities on various websites, the stronger your reputation will be.

Do share with us some habits your have acquired to help you become better at blogging and increase your audience reach.



Comedians Insights on Audience Engagement

Rachel Feinstein captivated the audience with her unique style

The Audience Conference moderated by Loren Feldman, an outstanding showman himself, showcased comedians in an attempt to help bloggers learn how to engage their audience.  Noted comedians like Harrison Greenbaun, Morgan Murphy, Carmen Lynch, Heather Gold, Dan Allen and Rachel Feinstein captivated my attention and made me laugh until I had stitches. These professionals showed how by simply demonstrating their craft.

Who better to learn from but from those who face the immediate reactions of  laughter, heckling or just polite applause from their audience, every time they deliver their work. Comedians who are good at what they do work very hard at their trade. They spend long hours writing and  perfecting their material before hitting that stage, because they know that the first few minutes on that stage can make or break them. They know their material must be tip top or they could be booed off the stage.

Harrrison Greenbaum stunned & delighted the audience with his 'bag of tricks'

The powers of engagement that the comedian has is the same that you need to move your readers when you write your blog post.

Here are a few of my takeaways:

1. Write with passion: Share the essence of who you are to captivate others. People come for who you are, more than you realize.

2. Check your ego at the door — or throw it in the trash bin — if you want to succeed.

3.  Always seek to improve your writing through feedback from your audience, peers and through honest self-evaluation.

The bottom line is you can never rest on your laurels – you always have to be focusing on how to “tighten” your message and make it better.  Always evolving and always adapting by listening to and analyzing your audience/readers responses.