3 Email Marketing Rules To Live By

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In this age of technology it is almost impossible to turn a prospect into a customer without email.  With each passing day, electronic communication becomes the most common way your prospects first respond to you. The telephone will always play a crucial part but a well-crafted email strategy will go a long way toward making that dialogue happen.

Here are the three rules to live by when email’s in your prospecting mix:

1. The Three W’s

WHO I am, WHY am I sending this email, WHY your prospective customer should respond to your email. If you write the first draft of your pitch email and these three items are not clearly addressed, you need to get out your virtual “red pen,” delete something you’ve already included, and make sure all three W’s are in there.

2. Brevity

As a rule, don’t devote more than one sentence to any of the Three W’s. In short, your email needs to pass the “smartphone test.” For example, if I’m one of your prospects, there is a 70 percent chance that I will read your email on my smartphone as opposed to my PC. I, like many others will not take the time to scroll down.

3. The Hypocrisy Test

This one is simple. Whenever you finish writing a prospecting email, take a slow read through it and ask yourself, “Would I read this if someone sent it to me?” If the answer is “no,” then you need to go back to the drawing board. Most of our best and most effective emails have resulted from multiple revisions before we hit send.

Many of us have a tendency to make our emails too wordy and complicated. We fill it with product information, outlandish promises of efficiency improvements and mountains of savings. Never forget that you’re talking to a human being. The fact that you’re using a less intimate medium  than a phone call or face-to-face meeting doesn’t mean you need to treat them any differently. Always respect your prospect’s time and remain aware of their inherent skepticism by following the three rules above. You’ll see more of those outbound emails begin to turn into living breathing conversations with living breathing customers.

What are your top rules for your email marketing campaigns?