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Robert Saunders, owner & operator of Skylark NetWorks (www.skylarknetworks.com), started freelancing in 1992 providing database, spreadsheet, and demographic charting services for the New York Times, and the CUNY Research Foundation. Locally, he provided computer support and office skills education services. In 1994, when there were fewer than 10,000 websites online, he was teaching and programming in the newborn web design industry. Under CUNY’s Labor & Urban Studies programs he taught demographic research and office skills. He taught the latter for the NYS Labor Dept, while serving as an associate member of the Forbes SIP and NYC & Co.’s editorial staff. Since 2007, the core office and residential computer service business has remained, with the addition of Skylark Webworks (www.skylarkwebworks.com) for SEO, web design, hosting, and email marketing services. Robert is the author of the home and office technology blog, Skylarking (www.skylarking.us) For social media relations: www.twitter.com/robertsaunders

The “Social Media Social”

Robert Saunders, Skylark NetWorks

Robert Saunders, Skylark NetWorks

This past August 16, I ‘participated’ in a social media seminar: Supersize Your Business with Social Media Tools. I emphasize ‘participated’ because that is the essence of social media: Being a part of it. By social media I refer to, as if you didn’t already know, Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Twitter, Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia, click the Discussion tab on any wiki topic, and you’ll see).  The list of sites goes on and on.

My goal, since I was invited to be a co-presenter by Sandra McCarty, was to see to it that every aspect of the ‘seminar’ was social. I wanted to establish a rapport with Sandra, with our raconteur, David Gussin of 516Ads.com, and most importantly, I wanted the audience to be involved, to participate.

And that made all the difference.

The seminar, which was supposed to be about 20-30 minutes in length, ran a full 90 minutes.

A pessimist might say, “Oh, no! Too long!” But that was not the case. The audience was very involved from the 2nd or 3rd slide onward. Questions were asked by anyone, and they were answered by anyone. Information passed to and from each and every point in Retro Lounge& Grill’s dining and reception room.

The tipping point was Twitter. Everyone had something to ask, or an answer to pass on. That moment would have made a fantastic tweet-up. Personally and professionally I find Twitter to be very compelling, just when I think I have a handle on Twitter, it morphs, it shifts, it grows, it evolves. No other social media outlet matched it. Every site had a wonderful share of questions, and new insights were gained by all. Myself included.

It was an amazing experience, and everyone was aware of it. And everyone present is looking forward to a follow-up presentation.

 Thank Yous. I would like to thank Sandra McCarty for the opportunity to c0-present. Thanks to David Gussin of 516ads.com & 631Ads.com, he is the “The Natural” of Social Media. (That’s a Robert Redford baseball movie reference, get it at RedBox or on Netflix please). To Retro Lounge & Grill for hosting. A round of applause to Yvonne Bisk of Long Island Entrepreneurs, David Gussin, Sherri Gillespie of MRG Marketing, Hannah Park-Lusterman, Eileen Lichtenstein  of  Balance and Power, Gail Adams of 7th in Heaven Singles Events and Dr. Bruce Kesten of Kesten Family Chiropractic for helping  to promote. And a tremendous thank you to the audience for truly bringing life to the show. Bravo!