Email Marketing Services

For less than $11.00/month add Email Marketing to your marketing mix

Email Marketing can help you deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time in the selling cycle and continuously achieve high response rates from quality prospects. It is a great way for maintaining a close relationship with your present customer base by sending them information that they consider valuable and essential.

Our Email Marketing services includes:
1. Setting up your email marketing system – Creating your account, loading up your email list in appropriate categories and creating customized templates.
2. Training in the  use of email marketing tools – Personalized face-to-face training on the basics and more.
3. Developing your email marketing program – Creating email programs that address your customers needs and produce high response rates.
4. Managing your email marketing system –  Determining the contents of emails, creation of the materials to be emailed and analysis of the email campaigns.

Our email marketing system, Express Email Marketing is cost effective and easy to use. You can grow and manage your mailing list, create your own eye-catching email campaigns and even track the success of your mailings — without ever having to worry about sending ‘spam’. You don’t need to know how to design or code to create professional emails with Express Email Marketing. Each plan includes professional, full-color images and ready-to use templates — just customize and send!

If you’re an HTML pro, you can start from scratch to add your own special tweaks or just use one of the many professionally designed email templates to create a perfect email every time. Categories include General Business, Home and Garden, and Event and Parties.  See a few sample templates below.

Sample Express Email Marketing Templates


10 Reasons for Using Email Marketing

1. Simple
2. Inexpensive
3. Interactive
4. Highly personalized
5. Round the clock marketing
6. Measurable results
7. Targeted response
8. Opt- in and opt-out options
9. Faster response
10. Global Reponse

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