Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful platform to help your company to get found on the Internet and to increase your sales revenues. 51% – 79% of social media fans are more likely to buy and recommend brands they follow and like. Your Social Media Marketing strategy should enhance your overall business objectives. Your choice of social media platforms should be determined by the demographics of your target market. According to the Pew Research on Social Media Demographics on February 2013 Facebook remains the most-used social networking platform, as two-thirds of online adults say that they are Facebook users. Women are more likely than men to be Facebook users, and Facebook use is especially common among younger adults. See more details on this Pew Research here.

Adding value to the social space you are in, engaging your online community in a two way dialogue and standing out in a positive way among the clutter on your chosen social media landscape is essential to an effective Social Media Marketing strategy. An example of a great way to stand out on Facebook is a customized cover image for your business page. Facebook. See an example below.

Facebook Cover Image

Facebook Cover Image should reinforce your brand

We develop and manage your social media strategy by helping you determine how your messages will be delivered to your consumers or niche market. We also help you track and analyze your social media marketing effort to determine your progress and impact over time. We use various web based tools to give breakdown by geographical locations and demographic characteristics, the numbers of persons who are part of your online communities.