Top 4 Free Marketing Tactics to Increase Exposure

Stand out from the crowd with effective marketing

  1. Work on your social media presence – Do you actively keep a Facebook, Twitter, and Google + account? If you do not, be sure to begin today. Invite your friends and business associates to follow your account, and make your profile, page or group something that will spread. Offer something for signing up and send it to them in a private message when they do.  Make sure to regularly post amazing, useful content to the page or group so it benefits your followers. If you have the resources to take professional-quality photos or create inspiring visuals, consider using Pinterest as well. Effectively using social media can increase your company’s exposure exponentially.

2. Network in your industry – Many products can be very complimentary to other products or services. For example, if you provide peak performance coaching like Eileen Lichtenstein of Balance & Power,  you could team up with Alissa Bickarof CompassRose Development to provide a series of powerful workshops as they did. Calling other businesses that sell your product and giving them a discount is  a quick way to make steady income. Another idea would be to offer a special discount to a related business’s customers. Establishing relationships with related businesses could be very profitable in terms of both sales and exposure, depending on how you arrange the relationship and what your product or service is.

3. Clean up your website’s on-page SEO and add more content – With the recent Google Penguin updates, most sites are out of date with their on-page SEO. Make your site squeaky clean by fixing all 404’s,broken images, and other issues, and by adding lots of new, fresh, non-spammy content. The more original useful content you have on your site, the more value you add to the web and that means Google will value your site more. This technique helps convert visitors by making your website useful and valuable, and it can help you improve your search engine rankings to get more exposure and visitors.

Increased exposure leads to more customers and more revenues

4. Create lots of high-quality postings about your company on many different sites – The more content online linked to your website, the better. Make a quality lens on about your product and include the product URL on it. Go to Wikipedia and make a history page about your company (being careful to only be informative and not pitchy at all) and include the URL to your home or About Us page. Other places you can create quality content with a link back to your site include,,, and With the recent Penguin updates in mind, remember to use a variety of anchor text links, including “click here” and the URL itself. This technique helps you spread your brand and products across lots of different websites, and can help you rank better in the search engines.

Remember, while these marketing techniques do not require any money to use them, they each require a certain investment of time. Some of these techniques are one-time-only, while others are ongoing.