Will Small Businesses Benefit From Facebook Business Page Changes?

You may have heard the news that Facebook business page layout is imminent, or taken a look at your Facebook Business Page and noticed a redesign. It’s more than just a new look, these enhancements give you the following:

  • Improved social marketing abilities
  • More networking opportunities
  • Easier usability for both users and page administrators

Here are five specific improvements for you to bear in mind as you implement your Facebook tactics.

1. You can now add more detail to your Facebook business profiles. The new design provides multiple sections telling visitors and prospects more about what you do. New sections include a company overview, mission, awards, and product detail. Not only can you share more information, but you can also filter out posts. Page admins can select between an “Everyone” and a “page posts only” default link for the wall. And the “Everyone” link automatically filters the comments to show the most relevant information instead of posting chronologically. Posts by friends, local users, and ones that received a lot of “Likes” and comments will bubble to the top.

2. Facebook introduced profanity and moderation tools that will help page admins achieve better control of negative content.

3. Page tabs have been replaced with a vertical panel of links on the left side, below the profile picture. This panel gives a little more space for longer, more descriptive titles than were available with the tabs.

4. There is a new strategic referral section – There is an area that will show users which of their friends also “Like” your page as well as any mutual “Likes” they have with your business such as “Favorite Pages.” .

5. “Use Facebook as Page” option. This allows page admins to make comments on other pages as your business’ page (instead of from a personal profile). Let’s say your company really likes what Tender Touch For All is doing with their various events to provide care for seniors and veterans, this new feature gives your business the ability to let them know from your page. So you’re not only talking directly to Tender Touch For All from your business’ page, you’re also talking to everyone who looks at their page as well. This opens the door for new business, and it’s a great tool to leverage strategic partnerships.

Although you have the ability to engage from the page now, people still want to know more about the people behind the business. So consider the personality that you want to reflect for your business and start to build it into your page through comments, posts and likes.

Facebook has always been a great way to connect with consumers. And with this new layout, it’s now easier to connect with other businesses as well. If you’re still skeptical, head over to our Facebook page to see what it’s all about. It may take some getting use to, but you’ll love the improvements.

Do share with us any other new improvements or even drawbacks you have discovered.

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