How Do You Automatically Post Your Blog To Facebook?

Blogging - a great way to expand your centre of influence

Facebook allows you to quickly and easily import an external blog from another website. You can import it to your personal page or your business page.


Import Blog To Your Personal Page

1. Go to the main Notes application page by typing “Notes” into the search box at the top of the screen.

2. Click the Import a blog link on the right side of the page.

3. Enter the URL (web address) of your blog into the text box, and check the box underneath that states that you agree to our Terms of Use.

4. To complete the process, click on “Start Importing.” Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts you make will automatically display.

Importing Blog To Facebook


Import Blog To Your Business Page

1. If you manage a number of  business pages, access your Page manager here: or go directly to the desired business page newsfeed.

3. Click “Edit Page” beneath the Page profile picture.

4. Select “Applications” and a all the aplications will be displayed.

5. Next to “Notes” please click “Go to Application.”

5. On the bottom left hand side of the page select “Edit Import Settings”

6.The above screen will appear and all you have to is do steps 3 & 4 from importing blog to personal page.

If you have trouble importing your blog, go to Facebook Help Center which can be found be clicking on account which is to the top right side of your Facebook screen.



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4 thoughts on “How Do You Automatically Post Your Blog To Facebook?

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    • Facebook is constantly changing and since this article was written we are no longer allowed to automatically upload our blogs. So, it’s not you Cathy, that feature has been eliminated.

      You can, however, use Social RSS Feed to automatically add your blog or any other blog to your Facebook personal profile or business page.

      • Sanda, Trying to do this today & according to FB the RSS feed is no longer available either. Here is a quote from their help:
        Importing a blog or RSS feed to your personal Facebook account is no longer available. If you want to share your blog posts on Facebook, you can:

        Use Facebook Notes to customize your blog posts in a rich format that’s compatible for readers on Facebook
        Link directly to your blog posts from your status

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